Interior landscaping

Design and layout of interior plants for offices, halls, patios and verandas, in bedded formation or in tubs, with cultivation, delivery of arrangements of Phalaenopsis (orchids) for sale or by subscription

  • Maintenance of interior plants
  • Christmas decorations (sale and hire)
  • Interior gardens
  • Vertical gardens
  • Pictures with stabilised moss
  • Artificial plants
  • Traditional or hydroculture cultivation

To make your workplace or home pleasanter and healthier (plants purify the air and make it healthier)

  • The latest trends in plants, tubs and pots, with very modern designs
  • Tubs in wood, PVC, stainless steel, and metal, made to measure, pots, and ceramic containers
  • Sale, lease, or subscription

Exterior landscaping

  • Design (implementation of plans) and layout of gardens
  • Layout of terraces
  • Kitchen gardens in wood or Cortes steel frames
  • Traditional lawns (seeded), and turf laying
  • Grass cutting
  • Lawn scarification
  • Planting and cutting of hedges, and pruning of bushes
  • Treatment of plants and bushes
  • Vertical gardens
  • Implementation and maintenance