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Otium is the product of our expertise and experience acquired over many years with the company DS Plastics.

Otium is young, dynamic, 100% Belgian brand, which has experienced constant growth and was founded in 2001. This is a new concept in the world of designed flower pots and exterior furnishings. The word Otium means ‘rest’, which is exactly what we seek to inspire in our designs.

With Otium we opt for the rotational moulding manufacturing technique, which enables us to work with polyethylene, which is a very tough plastic that has a large number of advantages. Products in polyethylene are quite light and therefore easy to handle, but at the same time are sufficiently robust, even for extended outside use. In addition, polyethylene is unaffected by extreme heat or freezing temperatures. It is also 100% recyclable. With Otium we have opted to use high quality raw materials in order to ensure the colour fastness of our pots over time.

The combination of polyethylene and the rotational moulding process means that we can offer you a very wide range of colours and finishes. With the Otium products, you can create something that harmonises perfectly with your environment.